Short Course B – Turning excavated masses into a construction product

The European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) provides a framework for environmental assessment and declaration of performance of construction products including byproducts or waste that are recycled in construction works. Standardization work that set off in 2005 has now generated a number of technical standards and reports on content and emission of regulated dangerous substances. These methods provide a basis for
assessment of substances that can cause adverse environmental effects. National requirements on the environmental performance of materials recycled into construction works are obliged to relate to these standards.

The course will present:

  • The framework for environmental assessment of construction products provided by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)
  • Provided instruments and harmonized standards for characterization of properties
  • Guidance on assessment and verification of constancy of product performance
  • Examples and guidelines on recycling of non-contaminated fractions of contaminated soil

Read the full abstract here!

Plats: Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm
Tid: 2014-09-15 10:00-12:00
Pris: 500 kronor (lunch är inte inkluderat men kan beställas separat för 300 SEK).

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