Our goal is to increase communication and exchange of knowledge between different groups of expertise regarding contaminated soil, sediments and groundwater.

The network Renare Mark was established during 2001 after some trade meetings where the need for such an organisation was recognised.

The network is run as a non-profit organisation and is open to anyone interested in the area of soil remediation. There is the possibility to join either as an individual member or as a corporate member.

In the beginning of 2017 the network reached 190 corporate members and about 1100 individual members.

The board consists of seven members elected at the annual meeting in March. The network is largely financed by membership fees, but also receives some funding from sponsors of the annual conference Vårmötet arranged by the network.  Renare Mark also plays an important role in arranging the Nordic meetings, NORDROCS in Malmö 2006, Helsinki 2008, and Copenhagen 2010, Oslo 2012, Stockholm 2014, Helsinki 2016 and Helsingör 2018.

Contact us by e-mail: info@renaremark.se or look at the list of board members to find personal contact details.