Short Course C – Using the GeoProbe system for high resolution investigations at contaminated sites

The GeoProbe system consists of a drilling rig that can be equipped with tools for sampling of soil and groundwater, but also various probes for real-time measurements of contaminant type, contaminant level, geology, groundwater pressure, and more. During recent years several probes and tools have been developed and used in projects in both Denmark and Sweden.

The course will include the following elements:

  • Introduction to typical challenges at sites contaminated with LNAPL and DNAPL
  • Introduction to the GeoProbe system and description of the probes/tools.
  • Demonstration of probes, samplers and other equipment. Selecting and combining tools and investigations strategies based on project goals and objectives.
  • Presentation of case studies from Denmark and Sweden, where a combination of strategies and tools has been used to build up detailed conceptual site models at LNAPL and DNAPL contaminated sites.

The course will provide valuable information to regulators and consultants involved in general site investigations and more focused remedial investigations, and will highlight the importance of building conceptual site models and how to use the Geoprobe system as part of this process.

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Plats: Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm
Tid: 2014-09-15 13:00-17:00
Pris: 500 kronor (lunch är inte inkluderat men kan beställas separat för 300 SEK).

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