Spring Meeting the 28-29th of March 2012 in Gothenburg

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The theme for the Spring Meeting 2012 is ”Benefits and ramifications of remediation from a Swedish and international perspective”

The theme opens for exciting lectures and discussions regarding the benefits and possible ramifications of remediation. More than 30 lectures will be held on this theme. We hope that you are interested in these issues! If it seems to you like we have brought up too many subjects to fit into two days – don’t worry! We are happy to announce that we will have parallel session’s for this meeting!

The sessions cover the following topics:
Projects financed by governmental grants
Legal matters
Effective remediation methods
International outlook
Costs/benefits and cost effectiveness
Urban planning and contaminated sites
Human toxicology/ecotoxicology/soil functions

The general language of the meeting is in Swedish, however the session “international outlook” will be held in English and some of the other topics may also contain English presentations.


For more information about how to register, please contact us at info@renaremark.se


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